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Bought New Old Stock Exhaust

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Hi All
I got my hands on this "highway hawk fatpipes" exhaust.
The retailer had it tucked away since 2011, still new in the box.

Its meant for the 125cc version.
But after reading stories on this forum, they sometimes just need a little bend, to clear the lower frame. Other than that, they should fit.

I havent really dealt with, the exhaust part yet on this bike.

Can anyone tell me what I need?
Like exhaust collars
Comfort Packing materials Automotive design Plastic bag Linens

Finger Carbon Auto part Automotive exterior Gas

Tableware Dishware Grey Napkin Rectangle

and stuff.
Its 35mm in the picture.
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It takes a little while for parts to arrive here in Denmark.
So I would like to have the parts ready, before taken the bike apart.

Does it use the same half collars like the 250cc model?
Im looking at the cmsnl site right now.
The 250cc half collar does have a different part number
I wonder if the 125cc mounting stuff will bolt up to the 250cc head ?
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