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Best / correct engine oil!!

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Hello guys! I just finished rebuilding my motor and turning it to 280cc, everything is new. So I am looking for a good oil that I can use in my rebel so it will last for an other 30 years without a rebuild! ;) searching the forum I found many guys just using Walmart oils and stuff like that and since I am changing my oil every 2500km everything will be fine, but I don't feel so good with that advice! Up until now I was using Castrol power 1 10w40 and after every oil change it was like water, not thick at all (even though it has pretty good reviews). Any recommendations? Brands, viscosity and if I should use synthetic or semisynthetic oil...
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Good to hear :)
What did you change the carb to?
Have you thought about trying out the dual carbs, with the bumped up displacement?
I think the 26mm dual carbs would add more than one 1 hp, especially combined with the larger bore size. Plus the separate intake manifolds, flows a lot better.
As I remember it, the original dual carbs are only like 22mm ? and were most likely picked for better fuel economy, rather than "power"
Yeah it would be fun to get one on a dyno !
With all the mods :)
Sadly the dual rebel carbs are not available in Greece! If there is an other carb that I could try I am open on suggestions or more performance mods! The setup that I am using right now is big bore kit, 30mm oko flat slide carb (don't remember the jets), pod filter, free flow exhaust with buffles, and 33 rear sprocket, thinking going to 30 for better top speed.
Have you tried or aliexpress ( find the goofit seller) they should ship to greece
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