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Avoiding the SMIDSY!

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SMIDSY = Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You!

Here is a good technique to help you avoid contact with large metallic objects: YouTube - Crash Course - The SMIDSY
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I have seen this way of standing out before.
I personally tend to use the high beam and flash the car if I see it might be moving. I watch the front wheel when coming to a car that is on a side street if the front wheel starts to move it is time to slow down. If I think they might not be seeing me I will flash my high beam until I feel they see me. I also slow down and get ready to stop if necessary.
I always ride like I am invisible to everyone.
MY .02
I wonder if flashing your high beams might cause confusion is some cultures. In Britain, for example, flashing your lights at somebody waiting to pull out of an intersection means "I'm letting you out in front of me", or it did when I lived there.
Yes, it differs from region to region.
Cool video, quite informative. :thumb:
Excellent video, and a good tip. Costs nothing to do that little weave in your lane as soon as you see the potential hazard, and might even be kind of fun.

He did not emphasize the reduced speed through, which i think is just as important.
In a potential collision situation you want to be ON THE FRONT BRAKE even if just very lightly, and SLOWING DOWN to a speed that will give you some options if it becomes clear the guy has not seen you and is pulling in front of you.
In the video, the car is sitting at a TEE intersection, and the bike could be travelling at 60 MPH on the highway. The worst case (in most of the world) is when the car is entering from your right and planning to turn to his left. He will completely block your lane if he pulls out no matter what you do.
In such a scenario, you MUST slow to 35-40 or slower as you approach, even if the speed limit is 60. Check your mirrors, of course, and don't slow very suddenly. This gives you more time to watch for any movement on his part and also gives him more time to see you. If you are already braking when the car movement comes, there will be no reaction time lost in reaching for the brake. You are already in the quickstop mindset and are ready to go with it.

The nice thing about a bike is that it will recover the lost speed in a very short time and you will resume your trip looking for the next hazard.
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