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Anyone use pinlock anti fog visor?

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Well, for this winter I decided to buy a full face helmet. I made sure I bought a pin lock because I read somewhere that they have the best antifog visors.
The one I'm talking about is like a double pane window, except plastic of course.
My problem, I cannot find the attachment to go with my helmet. Anyone have recommendations for a helmet like this, but under $300!
Thanks, Rick
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Opening visor while stopped did little to keep glasses from fogging..
might have been different had lenses been plastic, don't know as i've always had glass lens version
Yes, my glasses also fog up!
Zeiss makes a spray for anti fogging. I use it - it's amazing!! I'm just not sure if I should try it on my plastic visor.

But all in all, I would love to have something that works all the time without maintenance.
Edit - Not Bausch & Lomb spray,
It's made by Zeiss
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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