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Anyone use pinlock anti fog visor?

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Well, for this winter I decided to buy a full face helmet. I made sure I bought a pin lock because I read somewhere that they have the best antifog visors.
The one I'm talking about is like a double pane window, except plastic of course.
My problem, I cannot find the attachment to go with my helmet. Anyone have recommendations for a helmet like this, but under $300!
Thanks, Rick
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In the Winter time, my helmet has all the vents open and the front visor is normally up just one notch. My sunglasses provide eye protection beyond that.
I normally don't have much problem with fogging that way.
There are anti-fog compounds made for this, but when there has been some fogging, I've tried the old divers trick for swim goggles, & it works.
I know that it may seem a little gross, but in a pinch, when you really need to see, saliva wiped on the inside of the lens does work for a while.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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