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Anyone has or had a Hyusung 250?

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Hyosung GV250 Aquila. Pretty odd but cool looking bike. And quite big in the body for being a 250. Would like to know people that had or has it. How it has worked out. Thanks.
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I saw this older thread & recently I acquired a 2002 GV250 for minimal cost. It runs like a top & has 28.5HP.
This thread was useful to me & is appreciated.
Here is a picture or 2 of it in the trailer.
I kind of like its looks, like ArtW said above.
I don't know too much else except that it has a HD carb on it.

I'm also curious about wether I can take an engine like this Hyosung/Yahama & mount it in a Rebel frame... It would be so cool to have about 8 more HP.

I know that with enough time & money even a 750 has been put in a CMX450. But sometimes it is fun to imagine!


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The engine is scissor shaped. Meaning the left and right side of the engine are entirely one side of the frame and the other. The right side of the engine is pretty much vertical the left side of the engine I think could protrude past the frame member.
It's just a thought, and a curiosity.
Good point. I haven't looked at it since I brought it home. I think you're right, it does seem to end up in the middle of the center of the front where the frame is.
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