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Another Pod filter post

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I bought a pod filter and installed it in what I think is a pretty unique way, however I believe i found the longest thread I have ever read on this Forum about pod filters and I am already regretting it. but everything I have done is pretty reversible. I am attaching a photo I kept the crankcase ventilation and puke tube and attached an old piece off an old filter to the new pod. when you see it, please note I did not drill it I used a punch to make the holes to avoid meatal shavings getting inside the filter. I am attaching a picture to show what it looks like and it fits great in the air box. after reading some and definitely not all of that Marathon pod post, I am thinking it might be a mistake. I did it because i ran the bike without a filter at all once and it seemed like my bike just loved air ran better than it had in a long time, but the other problems cant be overlooked so..... I will probably just change it back if it shows any long term problems.


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^^What SK said! The biggest pod filter con is that the crankcase usually gets its own pod filter that will eventually clog from the inside, soon followed by the left side oil seal blowing out. Looks like you found a unique work around!

I still think the stock filter does a better job of filtering the intake.
You can be sure about that, the original is way better. Pod things are only for looks.
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