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Hello :)
I recently pulled the carb and cleaned it. And when I got it bolted up and reinstalled, I precede to reinsert the air filter.
Im unsure if the air filter was like this before I took it apart. But there appears to be a small cap, between the lip of the intake boot, and the air filter rubber seal.
I hope you can spot it in the picture.

I've installed the metal retention clip, and I've tried pushing the filter forward. But the cap stays the same :(

Is this normal ? or is there a quick fix for this problem ?

Best regards
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I installed a carb today, and I suspect you are having the same issue I had. Often the lip of the boot that fits the hole in the air box gets distorted as the boot is pushed back into the box for carb removal, and it doesn't seal perfectly. Run your finger around the inside of the lip, and if you feel any high spots, probably the lip isn't seated at that point. Try pulling the boot toward the carb as you push on that spot from inside the box. You can also rotate the boot by pulling on the "wings" on either side. Lubricating things with WD-40 can help things slide into place, or, make things so slippery you'll have trouble gripping the boot to manipulate it.
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