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1986 Rebel 450 for parts.

Most of the bike is here so let me know what you want/need.

Carbs (of course...)
Footpegs & foot controls.
A few other minor things (front sprocket, mirrors, some bolts).

What's good:
I have the ownership and key, so registration/ownership transfer should be easy if you're interested in the whole bike or just the frame.
The exhaust is near mint, with just some paint overspray that is easy to clean off.
The bike as a whole has been sitting since about 1992, but it was stored dry so everything is in great shape - it only had 24K km on it when it was pulled off the road, likely due to the starter clutch issue.
Motor turns over and was stored properly (ports sealed up).

Don't hesitate to ask, I can't fix it myself but I want others to benefit from parts to keep your rebels running!
Thanks for including a pic, however, parts for sale ads also require prices per rules - this is not an auction site.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts