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82 honda cm 250 carb

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i just bought a 82 cm 250 and the carb is missing, they are discontinued, where can i find 1 or is there an aftermarket that will work?:banghead::Thanx:
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the cm 250's carb is cake to go through... just pay attention... go pick up a gallon of carb dip... pull it COMPLETELY apart and dip the body and all of the hard parts (no rubber, etc.. just metal parts) overnight... then clean them with a good carb cleaner and blow it out with compressed air.

reassemble and set the idle mixture screw ~2.5 turns out to start with.. let it run for a bit (which while ur at it... pull the tank and clean it out... flush it out really well with water... then with rubbing alcohol or gas... if its rusted inside, seal it)

Anyways... it took me ~30 minutes or so to pull apart the carb and reassemble... not including the time in the dip can.

Ive got a few pics of doing it too... so if you get stuck... just ask. $30 in a good cleaning beats paying for a used carb of unknown condition or paying full price for a new chinese knockoff.

Good luck!
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