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alright i'm going to start this by saying i don't have a link and it's some chinaman cheapo led bullet turn signals but light in 3 different ways, a low/high blinker/constant ring and a main that i'd like to use as brake.

thing is

3 wires

i'll do my best here till i can get some pictures up for you

-----low ring blinker/solid
-----high ring blinker/solid
-----center always on

now to be clear the low/high ring are the same lights just some how brighter and less bright depending on the cord? i'm not an electrician but not scared to get shocked!

here's what i'm trying to do i'd like the high ring to do two things be the running light and blinker, and the center to be the brake light i don't know how to do this but since i'm wiring my front's with a diode i'm assuming some kind of diode rig is involved any help greatly appreciated everyone! thanks ahead of time.
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