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1st gen CDI on 2nd gen

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Hey guys! I am trying to wire a 1st gen CDI on my 2nd gen temporary until my new CDI arrives any help with the wire? I have a the wiring layout and the 1st gen has 2 separate wires that go to the sparkplugs instead of one like the 2nd gen, my question is do I have to twist these two wires into one or I just use one of them and the other leave it hanging? Also the sidestand wire on the second gen do I have to ground it or I just leave it disconnected? Thanks
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Can't say for sure, I'd use only 1 of the coil output wires and leave the side stand wire hanging..

some have found 2nd gen Red and Black/White circuits connections at the CDI are reversed.
image shows how my 1st gen is power source is wired
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Wouldn't expect there to be any difference in running with one or two coil wires as "Wasted Spark" system fires both cylinders at same time..
Wasn't any reason for Honda to have two CDI output connections to coil and 2nd gen added side stand safety interlock needed a place to connect.

Many automobiles use wasted spark ignition systems.. My Ford 6 cylinder truck has it.
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