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1997 Honda Rebel 250 NO Spark

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we have in our workshop a 1997 Honda Rebel 250 not sparking the test we have done is
Check the regulator rectifier all good
Check the stator not running no breaks in the 3 wires
Check the fixed pulse wire no breaks in the wire is there any other checks I can do on this
We have spark plug testers fitted on the HT Lead to see the spark so its not the spark plug
Any help.
Many Thanks
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There is supposed to be around 100V coming from the CDI after it gets its signal from the pulse generator. This must be read with a specific kind of peak voltage meter, or a semblance therof.
Many here have had to replace the CDI. There are replacements available online. Most are specifically sold for the 1996-2016 models.
My coils went on my '85 & had to be replaced.

Member SoakedKarma knows the exact testing procedure for the CDI well. Hopefully he'll chime in soon.

Here is something that you probably already know, but it is a picture from a 1st generation Rebel manual.


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Welcome. Here is soakedKarma's post about using the second generation CDI on a first generation rebel. New CDI Adapters!!! | Page 5 | Honda Rebel 250 & 450 Forum (
A 1997 is a 2nd Gen. I almost added that same information.

flitecontrol, did you bookmark one of the ones where SoakedKarma explained how to test the circuitry?
Not sure you know which stator wire to check..
regulator/rectifier charging circuit 3 yellow wires from stator have nothing to do with creating spark..
Black/Red circuit provides >100vac to power CDI when engine turning..
2nd generation under load testing methods far surpassed 1st gen simple ohms circuit testing..

Don't forget if the Black/White CDI Circuit is grounded anywhere the cdi won't charge the coils thus no spark..

Honda updated testing procedures
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A 1997 is a 2nd Gen. I almost added that same information.

flitecontrol, did you bookmark one of the ones where SoakedKarma explained how to test the circuitry?
Right you are, Emil. I can read, but that doesn't mean my mind will comprehend! :facepalm:

Not sure how to find the testing info threads, but SK has posted in this thread and will explain if necessary.
Thank you for your help the bike is now firing on the old CDI Unit, but as this is cracked so we really want to get it running on the new CDI Unit and we need to know how to adapt it.
Please see our picture below we have looked at the adaptor post on the forum but as the colours are different from ours could someone, please show us which way round these wires should go.

Many thanks
Rectangle Parallel Font Brand Diagram
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Differences have been found in aftermarket CDI pin-out..
Power and Kill terminals are reversed in some versions.
pins can be removed from 2 pin connector and reversed if needed..
Font Auto part Automotive lighting Rectangle Cable
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2017 installed a Chinese 2nd gen cdi on my 1st gen 87 using the above diagram grounding Green/White to Green.. no side stand switch on 1st gen Rebel. did not change connector wiring in any way..
several Amazon buyers have indicated having to swap Kill and Exciter connections.

Last year came across the following post from Classic125c which explains some of the complaints I've seen.
Thank you for all your help that is another Honda Rebel we have back on the road.
many thanks
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