I am selling our 1994 CB250 Nighthawk for $1000 or O.B.O. to make room in the garage. It was a great learning bike for my wife but she's inheriting my 2016 KTM duke 390(in the repair shop) and I've ordered a 2022 Yamaha XSR900 (not in yet).

We purchased it a year and a half ago and has never failed to start. I've put the battery on trickle charger during the winter. I also made sure to have the tank full with non-ethanol gas if it was sitting for anything longer that 1 week. It has a dent in the gas tank and both rear turn signal housing are staying up with black duct tape (I have a set of housing off of an older Suzuki but haven't made the swap yet.) Bike was bought with about 1100 miles and its about to hit 5000 miles. I've changed the oil before this riding season with 10W-40 Suzuki motorcycle oil. Both tires were changed when we purchased the bike due to age and have another 3-4000 miles left on the tread before wear bars hit on the rear. I have cleaned and lubed the chain but I believe its original.

This bike will still be ridden since our other 2 aren't in the garage yet so the final mileage will vary. I am located in Troy, NY