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125cc Exhaust Mounting Hardware Compatibility

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Hi All :)
The title to the thread, pretty much says it all.
I just got a new exhaust, Im inching to throw on.
But I cant find any information, on which mounting hardware to get.
I've searched through all the previous threads, but come up empty.

Does the 250cc exhaust mounting hardware, function with the 125cc exhaust?
Or does the 125cc exhaust mounting hardware, function with the 250cc head?

I know I need a half collar, thats all I've gathered so far.

If you need any measurements or information to help me out, please let me know.
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if you could provide the header pipe OD and center to center dimension of the exhaust studs - someone could compare that to a 250 exhaust flange
I've bought a 125cc exhaust, but I own a 250cc rebel.
So I cant provide measurements on the mounting stuff, unfortunately :(

The exhaust outer diameter is 35mm.
There is a problem with my pc, I cant seem to upload the picture again.
But here is a link to the thread : Bought New Old Stock Exhaust
you can measure the exhaust studs coming out of the head - how far apart?
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