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At only 5'9" I found the 2009 rebel which I've owned about 6 weeks to be horrible comfort wise. Knees too high and felt like I was riding a mini bike. Forget any trips over 20 minutes. Still an awesome bike - I am a rebel enthusiast after owning bigger bikes over the years. So needed to make this work as its hard to find any (other) flaws about this beauty for around the town trips. After finding detailed seat mods here and seeing crazy prices for replacement seats I simplified one of the mods I think was found on this forum. This all took less than 1 hr and anyone can do it!. Sorry did not take step by step pics but there really wasn't much to see. You may not like the finished product in my pics but I am telling you its a game changer. It reminds me of the seats on those honda trail 70 knockoffs they sell at tractor supply. Ok maybe not the sharpest looking mod but I'm into practicality and comfort - no one ever promised the rebel was a chick magnet anyhow ; ) Here are the quick easy steps:

1. Decide how high and how much cushion (thickness of foam) you want to sit on. I decided on 2"; they sell a 24" square piece at home depot for 5.98. My wife found an auto upholstery shop really close and I said ok. She paid $12 and came back with a 3" thick 24" square. I asked for 2" but was willing to try anything.
2. Removed the rear seat (2) 10mm? screws then removed the main seat - 2 more larger screws. Put the seat upside down on the foam which sat on a thin piece of carpet on garage floor. Took a sharpie and outlined the seat pretty close to the topside oval shape. So the pen was angles slightly inside.
3. Cut out this shape with a very sharp knife. You may use razor or whatever is sharpest. 3" requires a top cut (at least for me) then from the middle to bottom - follow your top cut line to complete the cutout. Now you may want to cut from a side view to follow the curve and shape of the seat - I chose the flat style and so far its fine.
4. Get a black plastic yard bag to put this foam in; seal up well; cut excess with scissors and yes I used duct tape on the bottom of seat to hold bag nice an snug.
6. You need to have ordered the mesh motorcycle seat cover from Walmart $12.95 or anywhere you can find; just take and tuck the seat inside the cover and fold under seat as you mount it back on the bike.
7. Ride. Now the bike feels very close to what I hoped it would (more standard riding position vs cruiser though its looks like a cruiser) riding position adjusted; super comfortable, water proof and it looks acceptable to me at least. I just ordered some mirror risers - extenders because they were not high enough after getting jacked up a bit. This was easy and I hope helps someone!


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