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  1. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    Hey guys! I am trying to wire a 1st gen CDI on my 2nd gen temporary until my new CDI arrives any help with the wire? I have a the wiring layout and the 1st gen has 2 separate wires that go to the sparkplugs instead of one like the 2nd gen, my question is do I have to twist these two wires into...
  2. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    Hey everybody. Just bought a 1986 450 Rebel from some guys that had turned it into a complete bobber. They said the ignition didn’t work and were using a screwdriver in place of a key. They gave me a Chinese ignition and two keys that they ordered off Amazon and said that they hadn’t had the...
  3. Honda Rebel Room
    Hey I just got this bike from some guy with low miles but the problem is that the left turn signals don’t work and the new headlight he put is alright but he made a mess with the wires and now I wanna try to fix it and make it look clean. Just wondering how something like this and where should I...
  4. Newbie Lounge
    Not sure what the two pig tails in the picture are supposed to run too.
  5. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    Hey y'all I am rebuilding my first bike and am hell bent on leather, for better or worse, to going through the whole process. My question: Is it possible to use a different wiring harness from a later model Rebel? How challenging will this be to modify it? The bike I am rebuilding is an '86...
  6. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Since I've come here I've been doing some PM's with Buickguy and don't want to overload him:surprise: I showed him this H4 headlight for my 1985 250 on ebay: 7" H4 Halogen Bulb Lamp Headlight for Honda VF Magna Stateline 500 700 750 1100 | eBay that I want to get and he said it would work on my...
1-6 of 6 Results