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  1. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hey everyone, I just got a 2008 Rebel 250 with 8k-ish miles from Facebook marketplace in Kyle, TX for $1,800. Here's the info on how it ran when I bought it: Test rode it and it felt, sounded, smelled, and looked just fine. Started and ran and shifted like you'd expect, although the clutch was...
  2. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    I was adjusting my valves for the 1st time since I have owned my '87 rebel 450 and I can not get the valve cover off. I'm able to wiggle it around but it seems that the frame bar below the "removed" gas tank is stopping it. I'm trying all different positions and it won't slide off. Any...
1-2 of 2 Results