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springer front end

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    Getting a few things lined up for my next project. While I wait on the painter for the USMC Rebel. This will be a slow build due to I must finish the USMC Rebel before I go full blown on this build.
  2. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    Thought I would post this up. Gary is a great guy to know. Will help in any way that he can. Has been a great help to me on my up and come projects. Featured Products - WYLIE CHOPPER PARTS Wylie Chopper Parts is a collaborative endeavor started by Duane Lansing of Hydro-Fabrication Inc. and...
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    I finally got a response about an email from a bike builder. This was back when I was working on installing a Springer frontend on my Rebel. My next built will be a Springer. LOL You will need the taper bearing conversion for the rebel. Then you will need the bearing for a 1" boat trailer axle...