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  1. Honda Rebel Room
    Is a "jumpy" or laggy speedo needle normal on a 87' 250? The needle seems to bounce around whenever I hit a bump or slap the throttle. How would one fix such a problem? Thanks guys
  2. Newbie Lounge
    Hi everybody.. I've been gathering some info in order to make some small changes and maintenance to my old 86... and now.. it's time for the speedo... I just saw this one on Ebay, which i think would look nice.. Cool LED Light Universal Odometer Speedometer Meter for Motorcycle KM H | eBay...
  3. Rebel 450
    Looking to to replace the speedometer on my 86 rebel 450. I am having a very hard time locating a replacement. Is there any tips on where to look or does anyone have any suggestions for an aftermarket speedometer.
  4. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    I purchased a Drag Specialties Mini 1:1 a few months back. It read 60+mph in 2nd gear and that I drove a long distance rather than the half a block I actually went. The shop owner I purchased it from recomended it and stated it would work. He refunded my money. I then decided some research was...
1-4 of 4 Results