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  1. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    Hey there! I just wanted to show some pics of my turn signal relocation and saddlebags. I didn't realize I would need to relocate the turn signals until I had the bags in hand. I ordered these viking bags from eBay for $75 (used) and they had previously been on a 2008 rebel. I love them! Anyway...
  2. Equipment Rack: Backrests, Racks, Windshields, etc
    I recently bought my second set of bags for my 2007 Rebel 250. I highly recommend this new set due to the extremely good fit and cost. They are zip-off, but I never removed the old ones really, so I zip tied the loops instead...
  3. Equipment Rack: Backrests, Racks, Windshields, etc
    Hey guys. Not into relocating rear signals which limits saddlebag options. Does anyone use a seat bag? Since the pillion is narrow, I'm wondering if a seat bag would work. If so, does anyone know of lockable options? Seems most are meant for bigger trips where you're not worried about your stuff...
  4. Honda Rebel Room
    I'm looking for small saddlebags that would accommodate a DSLR, small school supplies, and essential first-aid kit. My backpack is mostly for notebooks/large school supplies/camelbak insert. Any specific brands/types I should be looking at?
  5. Newbie Lounge
    So I decided to strap on a helmet and take out my new 08' rebel for the first time yesterday and already I'm an addict! I don't want to stop riding! I got a good bit of experience under my belt yesterday and have gotten my license now so now comes actually using the bike for something other than...
1-5 of 5 Results