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  1. For Sale 450 carbs

    For Sale
    I have a complete carburator set for a 1986 Honda Rebel 450 (not for the 250). Came off a running bike but went some aftermarket performance so no longer need these. They do leak gas , I believe from the float bowls gaskets. Carbs sold as is. They are pretty clean on the inside and did run the...
    $170 USD
  2. Rebel 450
    I just wanted to say, I put the Mikuni vm30 carb kit on my 1986 Honda rebel 450. I was really blown away by it! At first, as always, it needed a few tweaks. But within just a couple hours of tweaking the kit was on and set to run at its best. Super easy an I have very moderate experience with...
  3. For Sale
    My son is parting out 2 1986 Rebel CMX450 Bikes,both were in running condition! Let me know what you need as im slowly selling off parts locally and on Ebay.
    $0 USD
  4. New Member Introductions
    Just got me my first bike it's an 86' I like to call it a FrankenRebel Bob Harley Tank, Cut Pipes Did go for a ride today and the chain slipped, it's all a learning experience I wouldn't change anything.
  5. Honda Rebel Room
    Recently bought an 86 Rebel 250. Well the battery kept draining…. I bought a new starter and new battery. Installed both. Bike started fine and ran after installed. Well it seems like the battery isn’t charging. Buddy of mine is a bike mechanic and said check the stator by revving the engine and...
  6. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hoping you all may be able to help me out here. Just bought a used rebel 250 for my wife, but now it wont start. It started just fine when I bought it, and the past few days. Tried to start it today and no dice. Plugs are black and wet, and crank vent let out ~1/4 cup of oil when I drained...
  7. For Sale
    My apologies, as this is just copy/pasted from my FB Marketplace and Craigslist ads. I really didn't want to type this out again! For Sale! Located in North San Diego County. 2013 Honda Rebel purchased new off the showroom floor in 2014. All maintenance done at Honda recommended intervals. It...
    $3,000 USD
1-7 of 7 Results