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  1. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Is it possible to remove the airbox from a second gen without removing the rear wheel or unbolting the shocks? I have an aftermarket carb and my filter doesn't fit very well with the airbox in place! Thanks
  2. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    Hey guys! I have installed a pod filter on my rebel, so now I have some space to spare on the airbox and I was thinking about relocating my CDI and voltage regulator there! Will I have any problem with the voltage regulator temperature? Here are some pics for reference (not my build) and a cool...
  3. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hey guys I’m new to the forum, I’m looking to get some insight on what size main/ pilot jets you guys are running with a straight pipe and uni pod filter, my bike is 1986 rebel 250, I’m looking at going to a 135 main and 40 pilot, curiouse on y’all’s thoughts, the bike runs decent on full...
  4. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Before I go too far, my intention is to find a 250 Nighthawk vs the Rebel I now have (if anyone is interested, I'm in N FL and will be heading to western NC in May. I didnt actually get the Reb for myself) and slightly modify it to fit the looks I prefer along w/some minor engine mods. I KNOW...
  5. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    I've got an '82 CM250 and am thinking about pod filter and/or straight pipe. It'd be a huge help if someone could just let me know what size jets to use rather than try a bunch of different ones. I'm at around 5,300 ft altitude (Denver/Boulder, CO) so there is already less air than there should...
  6. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    So, I've been bobbing out my 05 Rebel and I really want to give it that skeletal look by removing the air box and replacing it with a pod filter..the thing is I don't know anything about carburetors as this is my first bike. I've done a small amount of research by YouTubing it but still need a...
1-6 of 6 Results