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  1. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hello guys! I just finished rebuilding my motor and turning it to 280cc, everything is new. So I am looking for a good oil that I can use in my rebel so it will last for an other 30 years without a rebuild! ;) searching the forum I found many guys just using Walmart oils and stuff like that and...
  2. Honda Rebel Room
    I am completely new at everything to do with motorcycles. I just bought a repair manual but I don't know what exactly the issue is here and what parts I need to work on. I am sure this seems like a basic issue, but I have been reading and getting to know my bike for the past three days instead...
  3. Honda Rebel Room
    Hello all, Looking for answers/advice on this topic. Was changing my oil today and noticed something I had never noticed before. When I turned the bike on to let it warm up and reved the engine, oil droplets would come out of the drain holes in the exhaust pipes and hit the floor. The harder I...
  4. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    I checked my oil filter today. The bike has 6 k miles. It had been sitting for ten years and I revived it over the fall, changed oil, installed new oil filter and have now ridden it for 500 miles. To examine the filter I used a sharp knife to cut the paper off the metal filter housing so I...
  5. Gears, Sprockets & Chains
    I have an 06 Honda Rebel 250. I'm having clutch issues when I let the clutch lever all the way out, the engine is not getting power. Meaning the clutch is not engaging the engine. My question is could an oil with too high of a viscosity grade cause the clutch to slip? Even overtime is this a...
  6. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    I'm having trouble finding 10w30 Honda brand oil in my area. Anybody know of a good alternative that is easier to find? :banghead: I have a 2012 thanks
  7. Honda Rebel Room
    Hi friends. I finally got the gas tank painted. Just for $25. Now Id like to clean the engine for good. The main problem is an oil leak in the front part. It sees to me like a leak in the connection of the pipes with the engine. Im pasting 2 pictures maybe you could give me some clues of what...
  8. Honda Rebel Room
    I need advice on the best brand and weight of oil for my 1986 450 Rebel. Thanks, Jason
1-8 of 8 Results