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    Hi team! I just got my first rebel 250 this week for a winter project and I’m very excited!! It’s an 85, came with a clean title and runs but will certainly need some TLC before it’s road worthy. My only other Honda repair experience is from the relatively light work I had done on my 1970 ct90...
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    Hi Everyone! New rider and rebel owner here - excited to join the forum! I just purchased a new-to-me 2007 Rebel and can't wait till the rain stops so I can put some miles on her. I got her from the awesome couple/owners over at MotoJava in downtown SF, they're great people! I highly...
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    First of all, I want to say "Hi!". I live in Puerto Rico, bought a 2002 Rebel (my 2nd bike) in May/June 2015, pretty much stock. Been riding over thousand miles no problem... until Monday. Hopefully, I be able to post about the small leak after some investigation on the proper section of the...
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    Hi, I'm Alix (female). I don't know any other riders. I just found this site, so I thought I'd say hello and register. Hope I can make some friends and learn a bit about my 2005 Honda Rebel. I'm not getting any help from local shops, really. So, I'm hopeful about this site! Sincerely Alix