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  1. Equipment Rack: Backrests, Racks, Windshields, etc
    Has anyone used the Saddleman TS1450R Tunnel/Tail Bag? TS1450R Tunnel/Tail Bag- Universal Standard Tunnel Designed for every type of ridin I'm new to motorcycles and not really the DIY type and was wondering if this works with the Rebel without having to do any mods?
  2. Honda Rebel Room
    I'm looking for small saddlebags that would accommodate a DSLR, small school supplies, and essential first-aid kit. My backpack is mostly for notebooks/large school supplies/camelbak insert. Any specific brands/types I should be looking at?
  3. Equipment Rack: Backrests, Racks, Windshields, etc
    Installed a cobra luggage rack on my 2007 Honda Rebel. Concerned about safety. Seems the rack blocks some of the veiw of the the tail/brake lights. Is this is an issue, or am I obsessing over nothing. What has been members experiences? Thanks, Ed
1-3 of 4 Results