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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello. So I'm new to this forum and motorcycles in general. I just bought a 85 Honda rebel for $375 over the weekend. Very little rust but it was kept outside for what they said was one year. When I got it they couldn't get the bike started. When I got home I tried it myself and noticed it...
  2. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    best mod ever.. watch how easy it starts click on pic to veiw video
  3. Honda Rebel Room
    hello i want to install kick start on my 86 rebel 250 what all needs to be done does the kickstart shaft assembly just bolt in place and can i use the rebel clutch and cover if i use rebel cover what kind of seal do i need to get thank
  4. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    Has anyone on here added a kickstart to their rebel? I have seen a few on you tube, but they don't tell you how to do it...
1-4 of 5 Results