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headlight wiring

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    Hey guys, im back with more problems :(. The bike is a 1987 250. Headlight fuse keeps blowing. It happens almost immediately after starting. It was working fine until I installed an LED headlight. The LED headlight uses a 3 prong plug that is simple plug and play. I checked the ground...
  2. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    I own a 1987 Honda CMX 250 and I recently just had to reconnect the headlight wire for the headlight would not turn on. Now since reconnecting it, the headlight will not turn off at all. I am not too sure why this is happening, I don't believe I have wired it wrong. Help?
  3. Newbie Lounge
    I have a 1986 250. I read that the whole headlight assembly has to be replaced and wired to get a better light.,,, But what are they replaced with? What do I look up and about what do they run?