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  1. Honda Rebel Room
    Hey guys, I've got a possible silly question. Now I know about winterizing a bike, especially in regards to the fuel tank. But what if you plan on working on the bike thru the winter where it need to be in parts? See I'm gonna be hardtailing & bobbing my 82' cm250c thru the winter, and I...
  2. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    Ok, so here she is. I just got the sporty tank in the mail today and had to see how it looked with everything all mocked up. I think it looks all out of proportion. My wife and brother-in-law think it looks great. I tried sliding the tank back and the seat forward but, I don't know, something...
  3. Running Gear: Wheels, Tires, Suspension & Brakes
    what is the shortest length of strut do you think would be safe to use.
  4. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    -Some Background- I should introduce myself - I have been a member on this forum since last summer when I purchased a 1986 Rebel 250 as a project. I have been a lurker since then, being on here about every day to keep up on various member projects and absorbing as much information as I can...
  5. How To's & Tech Guides
    So I think this is the right section for this and I hope some good info and knowledge can be brought to the table here. I am not an expert on this topic and am looking for info myself. Say a person has the tooling and equipment (bender, Notcher, welder) but has never been shown how to and the...
  6. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    So I have a 86 250 rebel that I have owned for about 7 years. I bought it in high school and me and my dad fixed up. I haven't ridden it for 2 years but i love it and can't bring myself to sell it. After paroozing your (well now that i'm a member I guess it's ours?) site I was inspired to do...
1-6 of 6 Results