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  1. Running Gear: Wheels, Tires, Suspension & Brakes
    I managed to take one of my forks off, clean everything up replace the seal and now I'm trying to put it back together. It all comes down to that last 1/8 inch. I can't seem to push the seal down inside enough to see the groove for the retainer clip. I don't have a piece of PVC small enough, so...
  2. Running Gear: Wheels, Tires, Suspension & Brakes
    After having spent MUCH more time on the forum searching than it took me to get the fork off the bike and to the point of changing out the dust and oil seal, I thought I was pretty set to go. I didn't even run into a problem removing the allen bolt by hand. I have now run into a not so minor...
1-2 of 2 Results