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  1. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Hey guys! I am looking to extend my header a bit so my shorties can move a little bit back! Does anyone know the dimensions of the pipe that I am gonna need? Thanks
  2. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    I was given a 2005 honda rebel 250 for free, but unfortunately the previous owner cut the exhaust pipes out and appears they have removed all the baffling. I have read posts that range from "Cut pipes didn't rejet bike runs great" to "will never run correctly". when I opened up the carb, there...
  3. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    A couple days ago my exhaust detached from the head, and I'm not really sure why. The acorn nuts on the left side of the bike came undone, and lost my gasket and couplings to the highway. The lead technician at our shop said that the acorn nuts that are OEM are generally just for looks, and...
  4. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Hello all, I've been lurking this forum for a while and owe everyone a massive thanks for all of the help. I am glad to finally have an account! Recently, one of my exhaust studs broke and the collars came sliding down the pipe while riding. I have replaced the stud, both collars and gaskets...
  5. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Couple things I learned and figured I'd share in case someone else needs this. I bought 3 inch risers for my 1100. If you are doing this, you will need to re route the clutch and brake lines. Also it is a 1inch diameter bar NOT 7/8. Also the instrument cluster will not fit on the stock bracket...
  6. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    I bought my Rebel 16ish years ago, and the previous owner had put straight pipes on it. I thought it was badass when I was 17, not really into it anymore. I posted a while back about baffles, which I eventually bought and installed, and sadly they did absolutely nothing to silence this can of...
  7. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    I've attached three photos. After installing the exhaust I noticed the joint and collar doesnt directly push on the rim of the exhaust. The exhaust headers can move away and towards the cylinder head a distance of about 1/8". It doesn't seem to indicate an exhaust leak and i'm scared to tighten...
  8. Honda Rebel Room
    Hello all, Looking for answers/advice on this topic. Was changing my oil today and noticed something I had never noticed before. When I turned the bike on to let it warm up and reved the engine, oil droplets would come out of the drain holes in the exhaust pipes and hit the floor. The harder I...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I have a Honda rebel 125 and really want a new exhaust for it, though the only ones i can find are for the 250 model. is the 250 exhaust compatible with the 125? thanks. - Joachim
  10. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Is there anyway to unscrew the baffles of my 2007 rebel 250? Are there any possible risks of taking them out?
  11. Honda Rebel Room
    Hi , can anyone help me, I have a 1988 Honda Rebel CMX 450 C Does anyone know the difference between a 1987 and a 1988? I need to get a full new exhaust system and are finding it hard to find one for a 1988 would one from a 1987 fit a 1988?
  12. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Does anyone know where a person get a set of opposite side exhaust like what came factory not looking for same side exhaust. Performance exhaust is what i'm looking for. Silvertail's have been discontued in the usa. You will have to order then from a dealer directly in italy. Like the jardine's...
  13. Honda Rebel Room
    Does anyone know where I can get new pipes for an 85' Honda Rebel?
  14. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    has anyone tried using the Pandemonium2 Ya Mama xs650 exhaust on their rebels? Either a 250 or a 450. i really like the look to those pipes. And since i plan on lowering my bike they would keep them away from the ground. Some exhaust wraps and your golden. You wouldn't burn your leg right? in...
  15. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Fairly new to these bikes and riding them so I have 3 simple questions that the more experience people can answer. 1. Sometimes when I let off the gas I get backfiring/popping from the gas. Is this a vital problem? If so any recommendations? 2. Sometimes I have to start the bike with the choke...
  16. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Gaskets, pipe joints, and new bolt nuts came in the other day and was putting them in today. Stared at spot where I figured the copper circular gaskets go and couldn't figure out where they went, scraped at the area a bit with a small needle and a bit of copper sheet started tearing away so I...
1-16 of 32 Results