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  1. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hi, I’m looking to remove the emissions out of my bike. Moving out of state and heard these bikes run smoother without charcoal canister and check valve it has. Can anyone point me in the right direction in learning what hoses need to stay and what ends need to be capped? thanks.
  2. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Hey everyone, just bought a 2001 rebel with 2700 miles on it and I am having a problem. I have removed the carb, sprayed it with carb cleaner pretty thoroughly and reassembled it and still have the problem. When I start with the choke on, it starts and idles fine, after it warms upi take...
  3. How To's & Tech Guides
    I am in California. I know the problem is fuel tank air venting. At full throttle, engine dies. With gas cap off/loose at full throttle, engine runs fine. The air vent tube that comes off the gas tank goes to a charcoal canister under the air filter case, how do I remove the charcoal canister to...
1-3 of 3 Results