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  1. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    Hi!! The right side battery cover on my bike is totally busted and I need a replacement, but everything on eBay I can find is 2005 or older. Anyone know where I can find a battery cover replacement for a 2007 250? It’s black but id take whatever color if I can just replace them both. It’s just...
  2. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    The battery on my '85 rebel needs replacing and I'd like to go with a Mighty Max Battery 12V 6AH 100CCA GEL Battery but it's listed as being "for Honda 250 CMX250C Rebel 1996-2014." The specifications are the same as for my '85, but the dimensions are a little smaller. If I strap it to the box...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Just bought my first bike this past weekend and I'm trying to find battery covers for my 2009 Honda Rebel (Blue). I took off the blue plastic battery covers (underneath my seat) because it's just too wide for my legs to touch the ground. Without those 2 plates, I can fully...
  4. Cool Mods, Detailing & Appearance
    I have access to 87 250 battery box. I'm wondering if it will fit on my 09 250 without cutting and welding? Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results