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  1. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    Hey guys, I've got a 1986 Rebel 450 that I've come to learn does not have its original motor in it, but rather has a 1982 CM450E motor (& carbs) on the Rebel frame (stock airbox, fuel tank with decal, not sure what else is not original). I have a charging issue and my question is a 1986 CMX450...
  2. Wrenching - General Discussions & Tech Talk
    So what does a Honda Rebel and an Indian Chief have in common? When they are both inoperative, you need information to perform the necessary repair. So where does a rider obtain the needed repair information. The Honda Rebel Forum if the motorcycle is a Honda Rebel. The Indian Chief Forum if...
  3. Electrical, Charging and Battery
    Hi, I am new here and just bought a 2001 Honda Rebel about a month ago. It rode fine for the first 20 or so miles and then I lost power. I took it to a mechanic who charged the battery and, again it ran fine for a little bit and then died. I bought a new battery and it ran good and then the...
  4. How To's & Tech Guides
    It's turkey day and i'm working on the '86 250 Reb rotor. Anyone taken one off? Will a gear puller do the job or is it (as it seems to be) threaded in? thx
1-4 of 4 Results