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accel pump replacement

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    Hi, I am working on a 2005 Rebel 250 CMX250C. It was idling and running terrible so I removed the carb. It only has 1000 miles on it but the carb looked like one with many more miles! The accelerator pump rubber "diaphragm" was all cracked and the rubber was all through the carb. Anyhow I...
  2. Engine, Carburetor, Fuel System & Exhaust
    Hey guys. I am trying to get my 2004 CMX250C on the road. I tore down the carb put everything back on and the accel pump is leaking from the seam on the bottom where the screws go. The diaphragm has degraded and needs to be replaced. Is there a quick fix? It still pumps it just leaks. If not...