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  1. Rebel 450
    I have a 1986 Honda Rebel cmx450 that's in great condition and runs like a top... When it starts that is. I am sure it's the starter clutch and not the starter itself. When cranking, 90% of the time it just makes a sloppy grinding noise. I've done my research and it seems they haven't made this...
  2. Rebel 450
    I am still struggling to find out why my 450 will not run. It engages sometimes but still doesn’t start, the past few days i check the starter motor, make sure carb has fuel, make sure my battery is charged and I try for a good 10 minutes then my battery dies. And it sounds like 80% of the time...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Buying an 86 450 with 200 miles on it in mint condition. I’m a new rider with some experience. It’s not going to be my main form or transportation but I do plan on racking up a ton of miles.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm Colton, I am originally from NW Louisiana, here on August 18th I will me leaving with my room mates to move to Augusta, Maine. Long story short, I have ended up with a possible 1980's (thinking 86/87) That has been converted into a trike with a solid rear axle. I'm...