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Bought used from a neighbor on a farm. Was apparently one of his "road trip" bikes, with well over 100k miles on it. Stock configuration with some missing parts...
Took me a while to get it to run again. This was my first project, as a kid fresh out of high school. I learned how to do everything on this bike.
While other projects have come and gone, she has stayed by my side forever, and remains one of my daily riders.
1983 Kawasaki KZ750 LTDK1


I stripped down a lot of things I thought to be unecessary weight, such as the backrest, fenders, gauges, mirrors...
Re-jetting the carb was my first major modification, to go with a cut exhaust and pod filters to replace the damaged OEM parts. New bars and controls, new lights, repainted everything old-school (this was before Plasti-Dip was really popular, which would have been a much better choice for this bike), and made a new electrical harness.
She's been a work in progress the entire time we've been together, with several small changes a year.
Some day, I want to do a full restore...repaint everything to be a little nicer, get a new seat, re-do the rear end, get a decent exhaust made...but until I have the luxury to put her up in dry-dock, she remains a hard rider, and I like her that way.



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