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I bought it brand new in 1984. I saw it taken from the crate and put together.
I was 19 years old and paid an interest rate of 24%. I bought it in July of 84 and drove it until November 30th 1984 when I entered the Air Force. It was in storage until my first leave of October 1985, then I just rode it a tiny bit up and down a road and put it back in storage. I had orders to an air base in New Mexico and my mom and dad talked me out of towing it with me. I bought a new 454ltd kawasaki in 1986 and drove it out west, then I got Orders to England and took the 454 over there for 2 years. Got married over there and got orders to Tyndall AFB, FL and drove my 454 while down there.
Visited home and fired up the Twinstar but the battery was dead and I saw no sense in getting a new one at that time.
I kept the twinstar in my parents garage and after building my house in my garage without much until 2004, when I decided to get it going again. By this time both it and the 454 needed some attention. I had not put the twinstar back on the road, but then came along Katrina and $4 a gallon gas around here and it was time to put the twinstar back on the road.
Between july84 and nov84 I put 5000 miles on the clock. between Nov84 and August05 I might have put 5 miles on it. As of nov09 I now have over 18,500 miles on it and running good.
Last winter I took my 454ltd all apart. This winter I plan to put it back together. Just over 34k on the 454 with perhaps 3k put on it in England with a broken speedo cable (speeding was not the worry over there that it is here, the bobbies concentrate more on crazy driving than speed). There was a 3-4 year period there where I had no motorcycle on the road. I have other toys like an MG Midget and a 14 foot sail boat that took up my time.


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