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Rebel 450
Found for a major bargain on Craigslist after coveting a 450 for so many years. Was able to ride it home, and fell in love immediately.
1986 Honda Rebel 450


After a couple of weeks of riding I figured out the engine needed to be rebuilt, or better yet replaced. Turned out the exhaust valve had chipped off and caused some pretty nasty damage on the top end, so I found a cheap motor at the local yard and swapped it. I'll rebuild the original some day.
I was getting kind of sick of always trying to get my bikes to ride right, and since this one ran solid I decided to stay stock this time around, and only do modifications cosmetically (with the exception of jetting a little richer).
The tins were painted based on an old Panhead I was familiar with growing up, added some wild chopper bars and bicycle grips, blacked out errthing and called it a day. I've always loved the looks of the post-war Indians and Harleys, this is my daily rider version of that love.
Still a work in progress since this is my newest bike! Lots to do seat, new tires, etc.



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