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CMX 250 Rebel
I won a scholarship through an organization at school but didn't receive the money until mostly through my last semester after everything had been paid for. So I convinced my then fiance to let me buy a motorcycle and rent a limo for our wedding. I found this one on craigslist and it has been reat fun ever since.
1985 Honda CMX 250 Rebel (black)


First I upgraded the rear sprocket to a little larger, replaced the chain, oil change, drag bar, replaced the levers, cleaned the carb, and replaced the levers. I rode it like that for a few years while I was still getting comfortable riding a bike.

That year I kicked the rear turn signals a few times and broke them so I changed them to small LEDs.

A few years later I put on a solo seat and removed the rear fender because I didn't like how it looked with all the holes and no seat covering it. Relocated the brake light and license plate.

Just added new tires and changed the levers again because the ones I bought were fake chrome and flaked off. The original horn from 1985 quit working (and I did make sure it wasn't just a bad connection) so I had an extra air horn lying around that I strapped on. Looks obnoxious and I love it. Changing out the turn signals for some that are a little more noticeable as well.

Picture to come soon.
Wheel and Tire
just got new tires four years after I bought the bike... Long overdue!


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