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photos of add-ons
halogen filaments, forward low beam with reflector to get out and down fan pattern, rearward high beam to get the flood light effect
rebel with trunk, at 13 lbs I hardly notice it while riding or standing at a red light, and I kept everything dry on the rainy ride home from Rolling...
3 sided, 1 led per side, wrong positions , upper 2 for low, bottom one added for high, makes a spotlight instead of a fan pattern,
Carefully nested the viking trunk can hold a modular helmet and a 3/4 with visor at the same time and close and lock.
Low beam forward and has the under reflector, high beam rearward, identical configuration to an H4 Halogen bulb, One side shown but this is on both...
Halogen Low Beam is supposed to make a fan pattern, like this
Beamtech LED H4 makes a bright white fan like an H4 is supposed to make
this is the LED bulb that works great
LED with wrong geometry for H4 Reflector, spot not fan and too dim
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