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my bikes and stuff.
IMG 3124
IMG 3123
IMG 3122
IMG 3121
attached  to the tank and ready for the test.  NO LEAK!!!
Had to file the bottom corner off the switch so it would miss the machine bolt head.
tightened up the machine bolts with blue locktite so they will not vibrate loose.
finished drilling with #29 drill and tapped with starting tap oil the way through on one side, and as far as I could on the other side and finished...
put a plug in the open hole so no shavings can get into the petcock.
drilled the rivets out
As it came off the bike
other side ready to go
tank on and seats
Getting the bike almost done
Frame painted and ready to start putting it back together!
87 450 I am working on to sell.  Getting close!!
johns 450 005
This shows the vacuum line from the head to the vacuum operated petcock on the 450.  If you use a non-vacuum petcock you will need to cap the line...
Once you take the spring off just cut the hose and replace a section with the small gas filter
floorboards shifter side.
HD turn signal left side
pan 001another picture of the rebuild 1983
pan After the rebuild in 1983
pan 002 My last Panhead before the rebuild in 1982
how to clean switch covers
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