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Conversation Between flitecontrol and FIESTA
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  1. flitecontrol
    Sorry I missed this comment. The "mesh" is at the end of the pilot (small) jet tube and is easy to miss. It's very fine, and is designed to divide the fuel stream into tiny droplets, which improves combustion. If the mesh isn't clean, the carb won't run properly. Occasionally, in an attempt to clean the jet, folks will run a steel wire through the mesh, not realizing it is there. This destroys the jet tube.
    11-02-2018 02:16 PM
    Greetings, sir, in one of your posts you mentioned that there is some "mesh" on one of the carburetor jets, and that if the mesh is missing, the bike won't run right. My bike doesn't idle as smooth as it should, carb is clean, has an intermittent miss at idle. I don't see any mesh on the end of either jet. Which jet is supposed to have the mesh? Thanks
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