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Conversation Between flitecontrol and shaun_lina08
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  1. shaun_lina08
    wanted to take a min to tell everyone in this forum thankyou. I wasn't sure how so maybe you could spread the word. Thanks to this site I took an 05 rebel that would hardly run (i traded an ak47 for it)and have it running like a brand new machine. This is my first bike and with only the help of this site i adjusted cleaned and lubed the chain put on a new front tire and completly removed disassembled and soaked the carb. successfully assembled and reinstalled it. I just finished taking it for an hour long test drive and she ran like a bat out of hell! the longer I drove her the smoother she ran I'm six foot tall and about 230 lbs and i burried the spedometer needle. I could not have done it without this site and would have had to pay no telling how much in repairs. thanks so much and ride safe
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